Elizabeth Foundation is a registered Non - profit and Non - governmental. It is a body established with the purpose of;

1. Eradicating poverty in the life of Widows, Orphans and the destitute

2. Educating the Orphans and less privilege children

3. Provision of Social infrastructure

4. Medical Assistance for women and people living with AIDS and other viral diseases.



The idea of establishing the NGO was conceived in the year 2001 and became operational by 2004. The prevailing cases of HIV/AIDS, out of school of orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria, increase in number of abandoned babies, street begging and little or no social protection programs in the society led to the decision to carry out humanitarian activities by setting up the Foundation.


Our Core Values are :

  • Dignity and integrity in service
  • Excellence
  • Public trust
  • Creating enabling environment for empowerment
  • Collaboration with individuals and civil societies.
  • Sound management of resources.



Africa is one of the largest continent in the world with a large population of about 1.33 Billion (according to World Population Review ). The Africa culture is unique and dynamic irrespective of religious background.

African men are dynamic and energetic which has made them to always cater for the needs of the family even apart from the biblical injunctions that man is the head of the family.

In Africa, men are to provide basic essentials needs of life (clothing, shelter, food etc.) women wait for their husbands to bring food and comfort to the family, so what happens when the men are taken away by death? What happens to the woman and the kids? The future is shattered and destroyed.

A complete, happy and vibrant woman that loses the husband becomes a widow. Africa widow’s situation is most pathetic and precarious. A typical African widow is left to suffer with the kids in the faith of hope, that one day a helper will come. The Foundation has been able to identify the enormous challenges faced by Africa widows thereby associating with them in other to share their numerous problems.

Elizabeth foundation has done much for the widows and orphans in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. The challenges are great, the task are enormous but we will keep forging ahead solving the numerous problem of widows, orphans and the less privileged in our society.



In-line with God's command women are entrusted with the sole responsibility of making home, instilling good values on the children and in some cases compliment the effort of the husband in putting food on the table.

The Orphanage home is designed and structured to provide basic social and educational facilities to the students.



Elizabeth Foundation will be glad to receive donations in cash and in kind from those who share in our dreams and passions to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable. The following are some of the list of items that the foundation will gladly receive for the empowerment of the widows; sowing machine, computer system, hairdressing equipment, grinding machine etc. If you choose to directly sponsor the educational development of an orphan, please contact us for details or if you choose to donate in cash.


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